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Dr. Mark H. Tompkins: "During my more than 20 years of practicing Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, I have come to a greater understanding and appreciation of a simple concept: "

Medicine (and Surgery) is a dynamic amalgamation of, and a marriage between, science and art."

The ‘science’ of practicing any type of medicine is based upon given facts, scientific principles, and accepted procedures. The ‘art’ of practicing medicine comes from an innate (and learned) individual’s ability to deal with, and treat, pain and suffering in a very ‘human’ manner….referred to sometimes as bedside manner.

This is how Wikipedia defines Contemporary Medicine….Contemporary medicine applies health sciencebiomedical research, and medical technology to diagnose and treat injury and disease, typically through medicationsurgery, or some other form of therapy.

What’s important to note in today’s modern medical world is the revolutionary advances that have been made in the areas of biomedical research and medical technology. The unimaginable advances in these two fields just within the last two decades alone, is responsible for much of the debate over the future delivery and funding of health care in this country.

Just two examples illustrate this point perfectly. 1. Biomedical Research…Human embryonic stem cells and 2. Medical Technology…LASIK eye surgery.

Podiatric Ramifications

There are a number of new and exciting advances that have taken place with regards to delivering higher quality Podiatric Medicine and Surgery.

 One relatively new treatment may be found in this website’s ‘Common Foot Problems’ section regarding Sclerosing Injection Therapy for Morton’s Neuroma…please see my article located at this link: Injection Article .

 There are also many new materials, procedures, and applications in the field of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Dr. Tompkins utilizes many of these new products and procedures. More information can be found at these websites: Wright Medical , Integra LifeSciences - Forefoot Solutions, and Integra LifeSciences - Hindfoot Solutions .

Another exciting, new, biomedical material that has helped revolutionize the treatment of foot ulcers and tendon surgery is called GRAFTJACKET®. This material produced by Wright Medical Technologies™ is a human acellular tissue graft with phenomenal biocompatibility properties as well as tissue strength, for use in complicated foot ulcers and tendon reconstruction and/or augmentation. For more information please see this article about breakthroughs designed to repair challenging diabetic ulcers of the foot .



Athletes Foot

Bio-Mechanical Pain


Calluses & Corns

Diabetic Foot

Flat Feet

Hallux Limitus/Rigidus

Hammer Toes

Heel Pain/Heel Spur

Ingrown Nails


Morton's Neuroma



Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Warts

Running Injuries

Sclerosing Injection Treatments


Severs Disease

Shin Splints

Sweaty Feet/Odor

Toenail Fungus





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